Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is a project I've been supported in doing for quite some time. And the cool thing is I feel I have the time to set about a tiny "vision" I have for community outreach this summer of 2011. My sort of outlook on CommuniTea is to give people the opportunity to share their thoughts on what building community really is. I guess I would define "community" in terms of a setting that invites to relax and relate while sharing something delicious like coffee or tea. I believe that the coffee house/tea house is just that setting, and can provide for blissful visits and meaningful conversation-- all the while there is personal connection on any level. Quite frankly, my vision is to make that happen, even by starting in the simplest way possible. A good first step is a blog, or, a place to get people connected so that we can make this happen together.

My Question that I want to send out is this: What do you guys feel makes the best possible community setting? And how would you like to see relationships grow through a "tea party" sort of deal? Would you be willing to get on board with a summer project such as this?

Let me know,