Friday, June 10, 2011

A Practical Mission

So, my thoughts on this whole tea party project is as follows: I want to start with one tea get-together. Just ONE event that involves guests either later this June or July. August works too :) I want to invite enough people to fill a moderately sized conference room where there are already connections and friendships for the sake of starting off in people's comfort zones. I would also highly encourage there to be some unknown strangers for each person--overall, a good balance of friends and non-friends.

At this point all I need is people to sign up. If you live in the Fort Collins, Colorado area (Loveland, Windsor, Wellington) you are most welcome. Write down an appropriate time for you this summer, either June, July, or August, that you are available to come down to Fort Collins, CO and join me for a lovely afternoon tea party. Would you prefer formal or casual dress? Ceramic ware, or fine china?

Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is a project I've been supported in doing for quite some time. And the cool thing is I feel I have the time to set about a tiny "vision" I have for community outreach this summer of 2011. My sort of outlook on CommuniTea is to give people the opportunity to share their thoughts on what building community really is. I guess I would define "community" in terms of a setting that invites to relax and relate while sharing something delicious like coffee or tea. I believe that the coffee house/tea house is just that setting, and can provide for blissful visits and meaningful conversation-- all the while there is personal connection on any level. Quite frankly, my vision is to make that happen, even by starting in the simplest way possible. A good first step is a blog, or, a place to get people connected so that we can make this happen together.

My Question that I want to send out is this: What do you guys feel makes the best possible community setting? And how would you like to see relationships grow through a "tea party" sort of deal? Would you be willing to get on board with a summer project such as this?

Let me know,