Monday, July 22, 2013

Tea...and a Little Patriotism

Belton, Texas. A rather small town where the average speed limit is thirty, and people walk downtown to strut around the local square, look at treats, and grab a bite to eat. It is home to several local businesses that add a spark of charm and community to the hill country of Central Texas. And it is in this neat little town that I must report a recent tragedy. Mimi's Teapot was a place with all the 'local' you could fit into the word, run by a determined woman named Vania White who brought the comforts of teatime from her own home, and added a strong taste of American pride to the atmosphere.

It brings a hard grief to say I discovered this place after it was closed down, and the fantastic house was put up for sale. I am also sad to say I never got to meet this woman, and that she had a dead land-line when I called. However, I feel inclined to write a tribute to her tea room and the experience I will never have for the sake of closure.
I took the liberty of taking snapshots of the place simply to admire the place she created for customers to come and sit, relax on a gorgeous patio, sip delicious tea and eat amazing goodies. It brought a smile to my face to see all the old fashioned appliance sitting rusted in her yard, like a vintage ice-cream maker and water pump. 

What I truly found great about this tearoom was that it was obviously antique, but heavily kept up-to-date with a prominent paint job and a well-painted fence. The flags surrounding this home also gave a sense of modern-decor, and overall made it a very unique place to visit. 
I can just imagine the customers it attracted; if they would laugh while sitting back in their comfy patio chairs and watch the countless flags wave in the Texan, summer breeze; if it brought tearful smiles to their faces reading all the 1940s posters hanging along the fence. 

I think Mimi's Teapot accomplished two things on a daily basis. As a tea-lover, I must applaud her for bringing a nice, comforting sense of community and cozy atmosphere for anyone who walked in. And, I can honestly say job-well-done to the patriotism that shouted out to those passing by, loud and unashamed. 
Vania White took perhaps the most creative approach to the tea experience I have seen thus far, and I commend her for generating a strong and tasteful theme I could never think of. 

I speak on behalf of Belton to say we will miss her little place of tea and patriotism.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Red Tea Morning

Last weekend I had the privilege of sampling a business that sells tea and coffee (along with a few lotions and soaps). Perhaps you've heard of them: the globally based Organo Gold. Yes, folks who have been keeping up with them know they are famous for their miraculous coffee, but, I believe their tea line deserves an honorable mention. It is one of those cases where one has to taste to believe, but this tea is perfectly balanced and perfectly smooth. Organo Gold uses the freshest of leaves and the most organic ingredients. Their Red and Green teas are soothing to the body and help restore a healthy balance. I will be honest saying the 4th of July weekend had left me in need of a good cleanse, and this tea showed up at just the right time. My tummy has finally stopped growling at me and I am happy to go for a hilly bike ride again.

If you are not an avid tea drinker, their coffee does much the same thing: it balances pH level, boosts energy and immune strength, and is a natural detoxification substance. And, while most coffees leave the body dehydrated and susceptible to stress, Organo Gold has turned caffeine into a very healthy alternative that both hydrates and oxygenates your system.

I encourage you to check out the independent distributor I had the privilege of meeting, Lottie Weathers at
If I haven't convinced you to try their products, then she certainly will!