Friday, July 12, 2013

A Red Tea Morning

Last weekend I had the privilege of sampling a business that sells tea and coffee (along with a few lotions and soaps). Perhaps you've heard of them: the globally based Organo Gold. Yes, folks who have been keeping up with them know they are famous for their miraculous coffee, but, I believe their tea line deserves an honorable mention. It is one of those cases where one has to taste to believe, but this tea is perfectly balanced and perfectly smooth. Organo Gold uses the freshest of leaves and the most organic ingredients. Their Red and Green teas are soothing to the body and help restore a healthy balance. I will be honest saying the 4th of July weekend had left me in need of a good cleanse, and this tea showed up at just the right time. My tummy has finally stopped growling at me and I am happy to go for a hilly bike ride again.

If you are not an avid tea drinker, their coffee does much the same thing: it balances pH level, boosts energy and immune strength, and is a natural detoxification substance. And, while most coffees leave the body dehydrated and susceptible to stress, Organo Gold has turned caffeine into a very healthy alternative that both hydrates and oxygenates your system.

I encourage you to check out the independent distributor I had the privilege of meeting, Lottie Weathers at
If I haven't convinced you to try their products, then she certainly will!